Lease the tools needed to power the planet.

Get earth moving equipment and parts used to extract energy at a moments notice.

You mine, we supply.

One stop shop for your industry needs.

One stop shop.

Every tool you need for mining and construction.

Move Earth with us.

Lease equipment and purchase hard to find parts.

Word from CEO

Ahmed Rufai
I will personally help you with your energy needs from extraction to a transaction, excavation to transportation. You are more than a client, you are a partner.
Ahmed Rufai
R. Jones
Succesful transaction.
R. Jones

Export expeditors.

Time is limited, not our resources.

Get the technical advice and used parts needed to keep production deadlines on time.  We will help you, providing global service to the mining industry.

Serviced clients:

  • British Petroleum

  • Amazon

  • U.S. Navy



Processes and procedures.


Extraction of energy.


Work sites and real estate.

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